The Weatherly Story

Weatherly Aircraft Nevada (WAN) was established in July 2008 to restart the production of Weatherly aerial application aircraft, considered the “gold standard” of the industry. Weatherly airplanes are a cost efficient, safe and reliable aircraft used in a variety of areas, including crop dusting, seeding, spreading of pesticides, and fire fighting. At present there are more than 200 FAA registered Weatherly aircraft in operation in the U.S.

WAN became a wholly owned subsidiary of MP2 Technologies, Inc in early 2009 in a collaborative effort to utilize the strengths of both organizations.

John Weatherly began producing  Weatherlys in 1961 at Hollister, California. John designed and built a new mono-wing, all-metal spray plane, the model 201 for which he got an FAA Type Certificate. The 201 was designed around the venerable Pratt & Whitney 985R engine and based upon a WWII era Fairchild PT-19 and the Fairchild WM-62.


Fairchild PT-19

In 1991, nephew Hal Weatherly took over, moved the company to Lincoln, California, and launched the 620 series. A logical design step, the 620-B eventually evolved to a 355 gallon hopper, improved pilot-protection, and an ergonomic cockpit. Weatherly aircraft focused on the needs of the small grain market, whereas the competitors headed for the higher capacity markets and larger, more expensive aircraft.


Fairchild M-62

The Company has formed a strategic alliance with Tulsa Aircraft Engines, of Tulsa Oklahoma, to equip and support the 620-B with the most reliable 985R engines available.

The 620-B series has continued to sport the workhorse 985R engine, though in 1996 a turbine-engine model, 620-BTG, garnered FAA approval powered by the Air Research/Garrett TPE 331-1. The Garrett was selected for technical reliability and affordability. 

Weatherly is currently in the final stages of development and certification of a new fuel injection system for the 620B and cylinder head design that will offer multiple fuel type use.  Methanol and Auto fuel as well as 100LL will be the user’s options. The new engine is projected to use 12% less fuel and offers an 18% increase in horse power.  Weatherly is also working with GE to certify the Walter turbine engine in its aircraft. This will offer the owner a 38% reduction is maintenance costs and 14% reduction is fuel use. 


Weatherly 620 B (1980)

Today the Weatherly Aircraft Nevada Inc. continues to provide grain farmer operators with the 620 series spray plane, specifically focused on their needs. 

The Weatherly factory is in the process of being moved to a manufacturing facility adjacent to the Bogalusa, Louisiana airport.  The 50,000 square foot facility sits adjacent to a 5,000 ft runway.

WAN holds a license to the FAA “type certificate” for the aircraft and plans to begin production of the Weatherly 620B & 620 BTC in March 2008. WAN is a wholly owned subsidiary of MP2 Technologies, Inc. (OTC PK: MPTO).

WAN will immediately supply parts for existing aircraft and manufacture new aircraft to meet it’s current backlog.